11 Ways to Make Extra Money to Buy Birthday Presents


Your loved one’s birthday is coming up and you need to get a gift to that person that shows just how special he or she is. It might be your son who has asked for the latest gadget or your daughter who really would like a new special toy. No matter how big or small this item is, when there is a need for funds, you have to get creative. With a bit of time and planning, you may be able to buy your loved one exactly what he or she wants and has a lot of fun with it, too. Consider the following ways to make getting extra money for a birthday present possible.

1 – Swagbucks


Swagbucks is by far one of my favorite reward sites. They award you “Swagbucks” for doing things on their site like taking surveys and searching the web. You can then exchange these “Swagbucks” for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon, Target, and Wal-Mart just to name a few. You can either buy that special someone a gift with your gift card or simply give them the gift card as a gift. You can sign-up over here: Swagbucks

2 – Take Online Surveys For Cash

A very popular way to earn money online is by taking surveys. Their are many companies that will pay you to give your insight on brands and consumer products. The amount you are paid for a survey can vary depending on a variety of factors such as length and topic. The payout can range from $1 to $75. You could easily use the money you earn from taking surveys to buy someone special a great birthday gift. Here’s a couple of Survey Sites that we like to use here at Free Money Blog:

Only Cash Surveys

My Survey

3 – Sell Through eBay

What do you have laying around the home that you no longer need? Perhaps you have that item still in its box that a friend or family member gave to you that you no longer need or want. Why not sell it. You can often do this with children’s clothing, too. Sign up on the site to sell a few things to earn extra money. To learn more about eBay visit their site here: eBay

4 – Offer Consulting Services

Do you have a special skill that business find valuable such as marketing, management, graphic design, or human resource skills? If so, turn to local companies who you think are struggling, such as a local restaurant or a small business selling at the local mall. Provide your services as a free lance contractor to help with balancing the books, getting human resources in line, or helping with a few shifts of managing the facility. This type of consulting work pays a fee that you set.

6 – Take on a Part Time Job

Many people do not want to actually take on a part time job to earn extra money. However, it is a simple and straightforward way of earning extra funds. Just think out of the box. For example, if you have a friend that owns a shop, ask to do some work for a few hours a week. You could pick up a few hours of work at the local rec center or library doing administrative work.

7 – Take Odd Jobs Online

If you really want to earn extra money for that birthday present, why not use a site like Mturk or Fiverr to help you to do it? These sites allow you to pick up odd jobs that companies and individuals need help with. You can easily get the work done in your spare time and earn a payment for doing so. You never know what the job types will be.

Here’s some great sites to find potential odd jobs:




7 – Clean for a Fee

There are very successful cleaning companies out there. Why not start your own. Start small such as providing cleaning services for one or two people. You may even want to simply apply for a position doing after hour cleaning at a bank, office building, school, or retail outlet. You can work when it fits your schedule.

8 – Write an eBook

Perhaps you have a lot to say yourself. Why not write an eBook and sell it? You can easily market it on various sites online or even create a blog as a way of earning extra money. If you have something you think other people will find valuable, this is the route to take to sell that information.

9 – Ask for a Raise

Why include this on the list of ways to earn extra money? Most people do not do this and that’s where they are making a mistake. If it has been a year or longer since you received a raise from your employer, it never hurts to ask for one. You may want to ask what other tasks or responsibilities you can pick up to add to your income, too.

To earn extra money, check out any of these ideas. You may find that getting extra money for that birthday present is easier to do than you realize.

10 – Sell Old Electronics

There are various ways you can do this. Some websites will give you a set price for that old iPod you have or your laptop you no longer use. Other times, you can simply sell the items on eBay or through a local pawnshop. Not everyone can afford to purchase the most expensive new items, and are happy to purchase used electronics. If it is in good working condition, sell it.

11 – Do Some Babysitting

You may know of a friend who needs help with driving children back and forth to school. Do it for them for a small price. You may want to find a babysitting position by networking with other parents. Even watching a child for an hour or two after school ends until parents come home can help you to earn some money