9 Ways to Save Money Shopping

How much money do you spend in a typical trip to Wal-Mart? How about the grocery store? You know what is on your list. It comes to just $25. So, why is it that you simply cannot pull out of Wal-Mart without spending over $100? Spending less shopping is an option. To do so, though, you have to have a plan. Consider yourself a savings warrior. The more you save, the better. Your goal is to buy what you want and need but to pay less for it. You may not have hours to dedicate to clipping coupons, but you can save big.

Join the Rewards Program

Many stores now offer a rewards program. You sign up with your personal information. They give you a card. They use your information to track what you buy and, sometimes, give you coupons for it. Most importantly, they give you a specific discount on some purchases just because you are a member. There is no cost and there is no reason to not join.

Buy in Bulk, Sometimes

There’s nothing quite like going to the big box stores and being able to buy a 10 pound sack of flour for all of your baking and saving 30 percent on the cost. That is until you have to toss it out because you did not use it. Buying in bulk often does save you money (be sure to do the math before you assume this, though.) However, only buy what you can adequately store and use before it expires. It can make all of the difference.

Don’t Just Shop

Before you go to the store, any store, make a shopping list. The list should take you around the store, not up and down every aisle. This cuts out the temptations to buy more than you need to. It also presents an opportunity for you to avoid missing what you need and having to come back to the store more often. You should shop with a list every time you go to the store.

Get Those Coupons Out

Coupons are a good way to save money. You do not have to create a book or elaborate filing system. You do not have to spend hours a week organizing them. Rather, use those that you get in your newspaper and online to help you to save money. A simple way to organize them is in a binder using clear baseball card divider sheets. Organize it by your store’s order.

Match Sales with Coupons

Another way to save money is to match the ads from your grocery store for the week to the coupons you have. For example, the grocery store is running a special on cereal. You get 4 boxes for $12. You have a coupon for $1 off per box. Instead of getting the boxes for $12, you get them for $8, or just $2 per box. Do this with as many groceries as you can. Your store may also give you the ability to double coupons. This means that any coupon up to 99 cents could be doubled to give you even more off.

Don’t Buy Just Because It’s On Sale

A big mistake many people make is to buy just because something is on sale. You walk through the mall and see a shoe sale. Buy one and get one-half off sounds good to you. You walk away spending $40 for two pair. That is great but if you really did not need it, you just threw out $40. In other words, buy what you need and will use but don’t buy just because there is a sale price on the sticker.

Sign Up for Email Lists and Use Social Media

Many companies are realizing the importance of using social media to connect with their customers. Others have email lists you can join. Go to the website of the company and sign up for the newsletters. Like them on Facebook. By doing this, you can learn about upcoming sales and deals that the company is offering. It is the perfect way to get something for really doing nothing.

Ask for a Discount

Did you know you can walk into a store and ask for a discount just because you want and need it? For example, you need to pick up a part for your vehicle or buy oil for the oil change you are doing at home. Visit the store and ask for what you need. Then, ask for any sales or discounts. Are there any discounts available? Chances are good the clerk will have something to offer to you in the way of savings.

Price Match

Many companies offer great opportunities to save. They want and need your business. To keep you from going to their competitors, they will price match. If you see an ad with something you need priced lower than the place you normally go, ask that location to match the price. For example, some of the large discount department stores will match the prices of the exact same thing advertised.

Why pay more than you need to? If you know these tricks and tips, you can cut your costs considerably no matter what type of store you are going to or what you plan to buy. There is no reason to pay more for what you want and need.