How to Get Free Gift Cards


What would it be like to sit down for dinner, open your wallet, and pull out a gift card you paid nothing for to pay for your meal? Once you learn how to get free gift cards, you will not want to pay for anything at full price again. How can you get them? There are numerous options from simply asking for a deal to participating in surveys. The more times you engage opportunities like this to earn something back, you’ll have more money in your pocket to do the things you want to do.

To find free gift cards, consider the following options. You’ll find that each one of these locations is an ideal place for spending just a bit of time to get something for virtually nothing.


One of the hottest options right now is a site called Swagbucks. Once you set up your account on the site, you receive free gift cards for taking Surveys, searching the web, shopping, watching videos, and playing games. There are also additional tasks you can perform to earn deals, like finding Swag Codes on the site. Look at the site to learn the latest tasks that need to be performed in order to get points. Then, when you earn enough, those Swagbucks turn into gift cards to your favorite stores. Just some of the gift cards they offer are from Amazon, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, Starbucks, and Pay Pal. You can check them out here: Swagbucks

MTurk Work

MTurk, more formally known as Amazon Mechanical Turk is a good place to go when you have some time and want to earn actual dollars and cents for the actions you take. The site brings together people and companies that have small tasks they need to have done with those who want to do them. You could be filling out a form, doing research or handling promotional offers. You pick the tasks you want to do and they tell you how much you’ll earn. Over time, you’ll accumulate a significant amount of money. You can have this deposited right into your bank account or you can redeem it in the form of gift cards (specifically gift cards.)

eBates Offers

If you have not signed up for an account, do so now. The site provides you with an opportunity to learn how to earn free gift cards or even cash back for any and all of the purchases you make online. If you buy from any larger or well-known retailer online, simply log into your eBates account first. Then, use the link on the site to go to the company’s website to place your order. It is completely safe. Then, eBates provides you with a percentage of cash back earnings from your purchase. You can get this sent in a check or used as a gift card. You don’t pay anything or do anything on the eBates site except find the link to the store you are planning to buy from.

Do You Have an Opinion?

If you do, some survey websites pay out in the form of gift cards. If you have a few minutes to spare, sign up with each one of the following companies. Then, they will send surveys to you. Take the surveys and you’ll be able to earn a few points or dollars each time. Then, you can request payout in the form of a gift card.

- Clear Voice Surveys

- CVS Advisor

- Harris Pools

- i-Say

- Opinion Place

- Pinecone Research

- Survey Savvy

- Toluna

- Valued Opinions

- ZoomPanel

What Else Can You Do?

If you are still looking for a few good ways to earn gift cards, consider the following tips.

- Sign up at the website of the retailers and restaurants you like to visit. Watch for promotions and newsletters containing deals or offers.

- Sign up for any rewards program the company offers. These often translate into discounts, if not a free gift card for being a member.

- Buy them at deeply discounted prices from those who are looking to sell the gift card. You may pay as little as $5 on a $25 gift certificate.

- Check out Though you have to pay for these gift cards, it is only a fraction of the cost. Sign up to receive special deals and incentives, too.

- Follow your favorite companies on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Often times, drawings, and prizes can help you to get something free just by clicking the “like” button.

Learning how to get free gift cards with these methods can really change the way you think about paying for meals, gas and other services or products you need. Why not take a few minutes out of the day to participate in these activities.