9 Ways for Mom to Earn and Save

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Money earning and saving tips can be useful to anyone. But as major contributors to the family, moms are even more attune to ways to save for the family. Since I’m a big believer in doing more with less, here are some great tips on how you can save and make more money. While these might not get you rich quick, utilizing these strategies over time will save you all the extra money you may currently be missing out on.

1. Earn Free Gift Cards on Swagbucks.com

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Swagbucks is an awesome site that I’ve been using for a long time to easily earn free gift cards for doing things online. You can earn gift cards from major retailers like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target. Swagbucks also supports gift cards for places like Toys”R”Us, TJ Maxx, Sephora, and Overstock!

The way it works is Swagbucks rewards you with Swag Bucks for doing online tasks such as taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos, playing games, searching the web, etc.. These are simple things that you can do throughout the day at home whenever you have a break. The Swag Bucks can then be redeemed for gift cards or other rewards. If you’re already online, it’s pretty easy to start earning rewards. I have a few friends that have payed for their Christmas presents entirely with Swagbucks gift cards. You can check it out over here: Swagbucks

You can check out my more in-depth review over here: Swagbucks Review

2. Earn Extra Cash By Taking Surveys

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If you have extra time between soccer practice and dinner, and want to earn some extra money, there are quite a few online companies that pay you for taking surveys. These surveys will vary by size, topic, and payment, and you have to qualify to take the surveys. Surveys pay out from $1 to $25 depending on the length. To maximize your earnings, sign up for several of these.

Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

My Survey – Very easy surveys with quick payments. One of my favorites.

Only Cash Surveys – Many short surveys that pay $2.

3. Shop and Earn Program

mom shopping

If you haven’t heard of Shop and Earn programs yet, you should definitely try it out because it’s basically free money. Shop and Earn programs allow you to earn a percentage of cash back from your online purchases. The amount varies from merchant to merchant. All you have to do is sign up to a Shop and Earn program and do your regular online shopping! Below are a few of the more popular and profitable Shop and Earn programs I’ve found:



You really start earning when you combine multiple ways to save. For example, let’s say you want to buy a new TV at Walmart. Get 4% back at Swagbucks, plus save 2% using a rewards earning credit card. That’s 6%. Not huge but it adds up!

4. Sell Old Electronics on Gazelle

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Gazelle allows you to turn your old cell phones, iPods, iPads or other electronics into cash. It’s pretty easy: find your gadget, answer a few questions, ship it in (free if its over $1), get paid via check or PayPal. I looked up my old iPhone 3Gs and found out that I can get $37. Use this link and get an extra $10 for any trade-ins worth over $25. Gazelle

5. Call to have your current interest rates lowered on Credit Cards

credit cards

Ask and you will be given. Call your current credit card companies and just ask if they can lower the interest rate. They won’t always do it, but they will grant your request for a lower interest more often than you think.

6. Rent Out Your Home on Air BnB when you’re out of town

air bnb

I have a friend who makes upwards of $50,000 a year renting out his home in Amsterdam when he’s traveling. You can especially earn a lot if your home is in an area that is highly visited by tourists.

The reason I love this is because you get to charge hotel rates for renting out your home. And if you aren’t even going to be at home, then I see free money!

Worried about people damaging your home? Air BnB has you covered with their 1 million dollar insurance policy. Plus when someone rents through Air BnB, a lot of personal information is required, which makes it highly unlikely that someone will damage your home.

7. Use Coupons

mom coupons 

Most stores nowadays will adjust their prices to compensate for coupons. So if you aren’t using coupons, you are actually losing money in the long run. But no worries, you can find great coupons all over the Internet now. Just do a quick search before your purchase.

Here are a couple of popular coupon sites that can get you started:



8. Use Store Loyalty Cards and Debit Cards

store loyalty cards

Lastly, utilize store loyalty cards and debit cards. You don’t need to get a card for every single store, but just the few that you visit regularly.

Stores will usually give you rewards in cash back or gift certificates based on the amount you spend. If you are going to buy from these stores anyway, might as well get extra rewards.

Many stores now also provide a free debit card, which basically just connects onto your bank account. This also doubles as a reward card but the rewards are usually a lot better than if you just had a loyalty card.

Here are a few rewards I get for linking my debit card to a store’s loyalty card:

Nordstrom – Gives you a free $100 in Alterations a year, plus sends you Gift Certificates based on your spending

Arco – Arco waves the .35 fee they charge when you pay using a debit or credit card at their gas stations

I visit both these business very often, so it’s pretty much a no brainer for me to sign up for their cards. Both are also very easy to sign up for. I just filled out a quick form in the store and they mailed me my card.